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27.10.2022 aus 
Campus + City
Respect turns groups into a community

The University of Magdeburg has committed to putting equal opportunity training, studying and working conditions into practice. But how do we go about dealing with the differences between people and opinions, points of view and perspectives in everyday university life? Where are our opportunities, how do we recognize barriers, when do we find joint solutions? Katharina Vorwerk interviewed the Vice-President for Research, Technology and Equal Opportunities, Professor Borna Relja, about these issues.

20.10.2022 aus 
Campus + City
Matter of Taste

No matter what you're craving, you're guaranteed to find the right meal here on campus! Whether vegan, vegetarian or with meat, especially healthy or rich soul food, sweet or savory dishes, internationally inspired or local classics - the offers leave nothing to be desired and are just as diverse as we are. So that you don't lose track of the many offers, we have put together a small food guide for your next lunch break.

30.05.2022 aus 
Research + Transfer
The unused opportunities of diversity

If companies want to create innovative products, they have to include diverse perspectives in their decision-making. Too few still take full advantage of the economic success of diversity. This is shown by research results from the University of Magdeburg. In an interview, Prof. Dr. Susanne Schmidt dispels misconceptions and myths about diversity and gives tips on how good diversity management can succeed.

21.02.2022 aus 
Study + Teaching
A hammock for all your worries

Needs-based advice on an equal footing by students for students: that is the motto of the student initiative, “Hammock - Catch and Initiate”, that was founded in 2014. The things that we associate with an ordinary hammock, things like relaxation, a sense of wellbeing, freedom from worry, are what the team aims to convey. No matter whether the problem is with their studies, friendship group, family or relationship, the initiative, which is staffed by psychology students, is available at all times to students in need of advice!

30.11.2022 aus 
Research + Transfer
Wind of Change

If Germany wants to achieve its climate targets and become climate-neutral by 2045, wind power and photovoltaics must be expanded much more quickly and comprehensively than before. Environmental psychologist Prof. Ellen Matthies is investigating how this energy turnaround can succeed. She knows that only with the right communication can fear of loss be overcome and people become enthusiastic about change.

28.11.2022 aus 
Campus + City
Mediator(s) between cultures and nationalities

One could hardly wish for a better student to embody the motto, ‘Rethinking the world together’ than Akram Elborashi. As an Egyptian medical student with, at times, a record FOUR jobs at the university, he shows how one person can have a positive influence on life for foreign students all over Magdeburg. This is because alongside his medical studies, he is also committed to helping international students and communities in the city.

22.11.2022 aus 
Research + Transfer
On Power and Inequality

In her research and teaching, Dr. Tina Jung addresses gender relations as a structural and power principle in society in the context of social and democratic change. She researches health and gender politics, violence and gender, including in the context of human rights, care work, family and both (queer) feminist and critical social theories.

21.11.2022 aus 
Study + Teaching
Starting out made easy

The “Buddy” program was set up to make it easier for international students to settle in in Magdeburg. In this mentoring program, new international students are paired with so-called buddies, that is, students from higher semesters. They make the new starters feel welcome and help them get to grips with their new environment at the university.

16.11.2022 aus 
Campus + City
Am I too uptight?!

Even as children, we learn that we either go to the women's or men's restroom. But what happens when people don't feel they belong to their birth sex? When there is no either or for them, but an in-between? Gender-neutral restrooms are supposed to spare them this either-or question. But what about the people who can fit into the binary system and feel uncomfortable sharing a restroom with the opposite sex? Are they simply too uptight?

21.12.2022 aus 
Campus + City
It’s all in the mix!

To find solutions for the complex problems of our times, increasingly often there needs to be cooperation between different disciplines. There are many examples of such collaborations at the University of Magdeburg. Research Training Group 2408 in the Faculty of Medicine is one of them. The scientists explain what working in an international and interdisciplinary team is like, what they are working on together and what the challenges are that they currently face.

08.12.2022 aus 
Research + Transfer
Welcome to the family

Scientists from all over the world come to Magdeburg University again and again thanks to an Alexander von Humboldt Fellowship. Currently, Prof. Dr. Evangelos Tsotsas at the Institute of Process Engineering of the Faculty of Process and Systems Engineering is hosting Dr. Stutee Bhoi from India. Lisa Baaske spoke with the Humboldt Fellow about her research, her goals about Magdeburg and what it means to her to be a Humboldtian.

06.12.2022 aus 
Research + Transfer
The radiant power of microwaves

Rarely has humanity faced so many challenges at once. The list of global crisis issues is long. Climate change and the Corona pandemic alone are affecting how we live, research and work. The war in Ukraine and its economic consequences are also currently turning industry upside down. Process engineers at the University of Magdeburg are therefore researching how CO2-neutral microwave technology can be used for industrial purposes.

06.12.2022 aus 
Campus + City
A time full of firsts

When Yash Ankurbhai Shah arrived in Magdeburg from India in 2018 to study for a Master’s degree at the university, he probably did not imagine that he would end up being solely responsible for running the RIA Buddy Program. His many years of voluntary work and outstanding academic achievements have not gone unnoticed. This year, the student was honored by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).

05.12.2022 aus 
Campus + City
Making Buckau more liveable and loveable

In 2019 around 40 per cent of Germans over 14 years of age took part in voluntary work in society. From assistance for refugees, care of senior citizens, animal protection and youth work through to the voluntary fire brigade, their activities were many and varied. One of these people is Ulrike Schmidt, who works in the student secretariat in the International Students’ Office at the University of Magdeburg. During her free time she volunteers in the Magdeburg district of Buckau.