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Faisal Reza and Rebecca Höpfer study Biomechanical Engineering at the University of Magdeburg (Photo: Jana Dünnhaupt / Uni Magdeburg)
02.05.2023 from 
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A unique master's degree program

Since the last winter semester, the University of Magdeburg has been offering the new interdisciplinary master's program Biomechanical Engineering, which combines various disciplines from engineering and biology. What this is needed for is indicated by the two available specializations: exoprosthetics and endoprosthetics. Endoprosthetics deals with the replacement of a joint with a joint endoprosthesis and the development of implants. The field of exoprosthetics deals with the replacement of a limb by a prosthesis and the use of mechanical support systems, so-called exoskeletons.

After completing her bachelor's degree in medical technology at the University of Magdeburg, master's student Rebecca Höpfer decided to enroll in the new program because she had already been studying the interactions of metals from prostheses in the body during her bachelor's thesis. For her, it was a stroke of luck that the course was offered directly after her graduation. But students from other departments are also drawn to the new master's. Many of them are of international origin, since the degree program is taught entirely in English. Like Faisal Reza from Bangladesh, who studied mechanical engineering in the bachelor's program. "Magdeburg is a great city for international students, especially because of the friendly environment and the many opportunities," he reports after his first semester at Magdeburg University. He finds the application of engineering methods to medical fields particularly exciting about the new degree program.

Thanks to the close cooperation with the university hospital, the students also get the opportunity to see what they have learned in practice. "Among other things, we were allowed to use artificial bones to simulate the preparation of a knee before implanting a knee endoprosthesis, or to see in the operating room how a state-of-the-art robot is used today for knee or hip operations," Rebecca says. While the biological and medical topics are new territory for students with an engineering focus, others have to deal with CAD software for technical design for the first time, as this is also an important part of the study program.

In operating rooms, students of the Biomechanical Engineering master's program get an insight into practice (c) Rebecca HoepferIn operating rooms, students of the Biomechanical Engineering master's program get an insight into the practical side of things (Photo: Rebecca Höpfer)

The two students have also already chosen their specialization, both opting for endoprosthetics. "The research field and development are very important because it has the potential to improve the quality of life of people with implants," Faisal says, explaining his decision. Although the program is new, both would recommend it to others. "Prospective students are offered an interdisciplinary degree program at the intersection of engineering and biology. Interested parties can find out about study content and admission requirements online. In addition, the student advisory service of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering invites interested applicants to a personal exchange during the Study Info Day and the Long Night of Science on June 3, 2023, starting at 2 p.m. on the Unicampus. The application for the upcoming winter semester is possible from May 31 until September 15.