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Staying or leaving?

The degree in the bag - and now? Stay here or leave? This question is often difficult to answer. Support for this decision is available at the University of Magdeburg on June 21, 2023 on the Unicampus at the job fair "JobsHere". For the second time, the outdoor job fair will take place at the university and aims to connect students and alumni with companies from the region in a relaxed atmosphere, arranging internships, networking and creating career opportunities. 50 information booths, workshops, street food and a colorful stage program bring festival character to the campus.

Computer scientist Christian Wustrau made his decision for Magdeburg with the help of the university

University graduate Christian Wustrau also met his current employer regiocom in Magdeburg here. The 25-year-old came to Magdeburg after graduating from high school in Genthin to first complete his bachelor's degree and then his master's degree in computer science at the university. Now he works as a software developer in Magdeburg.

"It was important for me to feel comfortable in my team and at my workplace. I also wanted to remain flexible in terms of time, which is something I took into account when choosing a career," says Christian Wustrau. Becoming a software developer was not always his goal. Before his bachelor's degree, he was still interested in working with hardware. Through software projects within his studies, he came to SwarmLab, a working group of the Chair of Computational Intelligence at the Faculty of Computer Science that deals with swarm behavior and implements it in robots. "I particularly enjoyed working in the lab during my studies, so I was happy to keep working on projects there," Christian Wustrau says. Working in robotics also helped him with his future career choice, because contrary to his expectations, dealing with hardware problems was more strenuous than interesting for him.

Portrait von Christian Wustrau (c) Jana DünnhauptUniversity graduate Christian Wustrau met his current employer at the job fair "JobsHere". (Photo: Jana Dünnhaupt / University of Magdeburg)

At the same time, his volleyball hobby led him one step closer to his future job. Having been passionate about volleyball in high school, he joined the university sports club in college and offered to manage the club's website. "Through this work, I learned a lot. On the one hand, about working in web development, but also about my professional interests," Christian Wustrau says. "You have to program everywhere, that runs through all subject areas and in this work I have found my calling," he adds. He is still active in the club now that he has completed his studies. He has never regretted his decision to come to Magdeburg. "Magdeburg is very green and is just the right size for me. The city is manageable, but still has a lot to offer. Once the good infrastructure, but also the cultural offerings or the sports clubs," says the graduate. To all students, for whom it comes to the choice of career, he advises to deal with the personal motivations and desires. "There are a lot of exciting, current projects at the university. However, you should always consider how student project work can be translated into a day-to-day working life outside the university," explains Christian Wustrau.

For all students who need support with their professional orientation, the University of Magdeburg offers a central point of contact with the Career Service for personal advice on the subject of career entry and career. So there are many good opportunities for all university graduates who are asking themselves "Stay here or go away?" to find out about future prospects.