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12.12.2023 from 
Study + Teaching
Where ideas come true

In the StudierendenWerkstatt of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, students can put the project ideas developed during the semester into practice. It opened its doors at the start of the winter semester and can now be used by all students in every study phase. Among other things, they have access to extensive tools, several 3D printers and laser cutters for wood and metal. Master's student Henri Paetz has already used the StudierendenWerkstatt and is delighted with it.

11.12.2023 from 
Study + Teaching
Computer science meets engineering

The new Bachelor's degree course in AI Engineering started at the University of Magdeburg in the winter semester. In addition to the basics of computer science, mathematics and physics, students also learn all about data and AI engineering. After the foundation course, they can choose a specialization. They can even transfer to one of the partner universities. One of the first students is Luise Neumann. She deliberately opted for the new course.

27.11.2023 from 
Study + Teaching
When dreams come true

There are a number of scholarships that enable young people to study. This year, 24-year-old medical student Anxhela Dautaj was awarded the Otto von Guericke Scholarship. Born in Albania, she recently began her practical year at Magdeburg University Hospital and is involved in various associations alongside her studies.

13.11.2023 from 
Study + Teaching
Ideas for the future of urban traffic needed

Autonomous buses, electromobility, intelligent traffic management solutions and individualized door-to-door transport - what used to only exist in science fiction films is increasingly establishing itself in our traffic. In order to develop the mobility of the future, students are invited to submit their ideas to a competition. The best ideas will be awarded with prize money of up to 1,500 euros.

02.11.2023 from 
Study + Teaching
Dual degree for Ukrainian students

There has been war in their homeland for many months, but they want to study - high school graduates who have fled from Ukraine. To make this possible for them, Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg, in cooperation with the National Technical University in Kharkiv, has been offering a study program for bachelor's degrees with a double degree since last winter semester. Last year, the Ukrainian students studied online in Kharkiv and diligently learned German. At the beginning of this winter semester, they arrived in Magdeburg to continue their studies here in presence.

16.10.2023 from 
Study + Teaching
20 years of Safety and Hazard Defence

How do you prevent incidents in industrial plants? How should we prepare for natural disasters such as floods, fires and storms? These are the questions being addressed by students in the Safety and Hazard Defence program. As a cooperation between the University of Magdeburg, the Magdeburg-Stendal University of Applied Sciences and the Institute for Fire and Disaster Prevention Heyrothsberge, both the bachelor's and the consecutive master's program offer a variety of insights into theory and practice. This October, the course celebrates its 20th anniversary.

04.10.2023 from 
Study + Teaching
To Magdeburg for Biomedical Engineering

The University of Magdeburg offers a successful bachelor's degree program in medical engineering. At the interface of engineering and healthcare, subjects such as electrical engineering, physics and mathematics are just as much in focus as anatomy and computer science. The course itself is closely linked to the "Stimulate" research campus. State-of-the-art research and development work is carried out in Magdeburg's Port of Science, with the help of which new solutions and imaging technologies for medical procedures are developed.

18.09.2023 from 
Study + Teaching
From the lecture hall to the Hockenheimring

Since 2008, motor sports enthusiasts from all departments have been able to get involved with the student initiative UMD Racing e.V.. Together, they develop and build their own racing car with which they compete in the "Formula Student" race at the Hockenheimring, an international competition among students. In less than a year, a Formula car is created in interdisciplinary teamwork - since last year even exclusively with electric motors.

06.09.2023 from 
Study + Teaching
A detour into the classroom

The shortage of qualified teachers has continued to grow nationwide in recent years and has become a serious problem for the education system. This makes it all the more important to get people excited about the teaching profession. Wolfram Richter wanted to do something about the shortage of teachers - and opted for alternative entry.

03.08.2023 from 
Study + Teaching
Starting over at university

New surroundings, new opportunities? What is it like to start over in a foreign country? While still in Syria, Mohamad Alhussein Saoud earned his bachelor's and master's degrees in economics at the University of Aleppo. Today, he is working on his doctorate - in Magdeburg.  After arriving as a refugee in 2015, he first became passionately involved with other refugees, and now also with students at the University of Magdeburg.

17.07.2023 from 
Study + Teaching
Shaping the future

With the Master's degree program in Medical Systems Engineering, the University of Magdeburg offers students the opportunity to develop new systems and procedures for research and application in medicine. Pauline Mothes is now in her third semester of Medical Systems Engineering. One of the reasons she chose the master's program was the Tissue Engineering working group, which has been active at Magdeburg University since November 2018.

10.06.2023 from 
Study + Teaching
Staying or leaving?

The degree in the bag - and now? Stay here or leave? This question is often difficult to answer. Support is available at the University of Magdeburg on June 21, 2023, on the Unicampus at the "JobsHere" job fair. University graduate Christian Wustrau also met his employer regiocom in Magdeburg here. The 25-year-old came to Magdeburg after graduating from high school to complete first his bachelor's and then his master's degree in computer science at the university. Now he works as a software developer in Magdeburg.

15.05.2023 from 
Study + Teaching
Small word, big issue

In the student magazine "tja?!", students take a critical look at major topics once a semester. The idea for the magazine came about at the end of 2020 as part of a project module. In the meantime, the third issue has already been published, which deals with the topic of power. The team is still looking for contributors so that the next issue, "Social Inequality & Injustice," can be published independently.

15.05.2023 from 
Study + Teaching
From uni to the world

A stay abroad not only looks good on your resume. The experiences and adventures leave their mark on you for a lifetime. That's why Magdeburg University offers students and employees many opportunities to discover other countries - whether in Europe or around the world. One who has taken advantage of these is Merle Gorial. She is currently in South Korea to spend a semester abroad.

02.05.2023 from 
Study + Teaching
For a green future

The University of Magdeburg offers something unique: a sustainability certificate, or NAO for short, an additional course of study. Students receive the certificate in addition to their diploma. Former students Lina Koch and Karla Ruiz-Hussmann tell us why you should definitely take advantage of the opportunity. They are among the first people to receive the NAO.

02.05.2023 from 
Study + Teaching
A unique master's degree program

Since the last winter semester, it has been possible to study the English-language Master's degree in Biomechanical Engineering at the University of Magdeburg, which combines engineering and biology in a unique way. Students Faisal Reza and Rebecca Höpfer are among the first to graduate in the field.

20.04.2023 from 
Study + Teaching
One Uni for all

BIPoC - that stands for Black, Indigenous and People of Color. At the University of Magdeburg, a BIPoC department was recently founded with the goal of creating a place where students can meet, exchange ideas and network. It was founded by two students, Laila Hammouda and Eli Santiago. With their actions, they not only want to create a space for exchange for their target group, but also advocate for racism awareness at the university.

21.11.2022 from 
Study + Teaching
Starting out made easy

The “Buddy” program was set up to make it easier for international students to settle in in Magdeburg. In this mentoring program, new international students are paired with so-called buddies, that is, students from higher semesters. They make the new starters feel welcome and help them get to grips with their new environment at the university.

21.02.2022 from 
Study + Teaching
A hammock for all your worries

Needs-based advice on an equal footing by students for students: that is the motto of the student initiative, “Hammock - Catch and Initiate”, that was founded in 2014. The things that we associate with an ordinary hammock, things like relaxation, a sense of wellbeing, freedom from worry, are what the team aims to convey. No matter whether the problem is with their studies, friendship group, family or relationship, the initiative, which is staffed by psychology students, is available at all times to students in need of advice!

10.12.2021 from 
Study + Teaching
Award for outstanding performance

Shipra Dureja, a student from India, has received this year's DAAD award for outstanding achievements by foreign students. In 2019, she started her master's degree in "Data and Knowledge Engineering" at the University of Magdeburg and graduated in September 2021 with a very good grade point average after only 5 semesters. This makes her one of the best and fastest students in her degree program. In addition to her studies, the student has also volunteered at her faculty.


01.12.2021 from 
Study + Teaching
Founders’ power from Jordan

DronoDat is a drone and data service provider founded by students Mahmoud Sarhan, Amro Al Zoubi and Ahmad Qadoura. The name is a combination of the English words "drone" and "data". Two of the founders are studying environmental engineering at Magdeburg University: Amro Al Zoubi and Mahmoud Sarhan industrial engineering. Together with their co-founder Ahmad Qadoura, they process data by mapping and surveying, photographing and inspecting a specific object, which is then analyzed by the artificial intelligence systems.