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21.12.2023 from 
Campus + City
A library without books?

Change and digitization do not stop at the University Library (UB). But what will our university library look like in the future? In keeping with its twentieth anniversary, this year has seen a lot of work and not a lot of mess, as a number of structural changes have been made. The roof was renovated and the interior expanded, book collections were reviewed and new media were purchased. The deputy library director, Dr. Christine Lücke, explains where the journey is headed.

05.12.2023 from 
Campus + City
Serving society after work

Many university employees do voluntary work after work to give something back to society. Carina Kröber is one of them. She launched the "Swimming Culture" project - a swimming course for adults, especially for international students. This year, the research assistant and her project are up for election as Magdeburg Woman of the Year. Votes can be cast online until 31.12.

27.11.2023 from 
Campus + City
Christmas spirit on campus

The University of Magdeburg's first winter market will take place on December 5. University students have organized the Christmas event. In addition to mulled wine, gingerbread and international delicacies, there will be hands-on activities and a broad stage program with music and shows. A total of 15 student initiatives and various cooperation partners of the university are taking part in the event. The winter stalls will be set up in front of Building 16. Admission is free of charge.

12.10.2023 from 
Campus + City
All help centers concentrated

The term awareness translates as consciousness and attention. The new awareness portal of the University of Magdeburg, which went online on October 11, wants to create awareness for discrimination, but also for the quality of studies and teaching. The portal is now intended to stand for the entirety of the university and, above all, to be available to all members of the university who are also anonymously looking for help or contact persons or would like to inform themselves.

28.08.2023 from 
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Menstrual products for free

The provision of free menstrual products in public spaces is repeatedly the subject of polarizing debates. There are frequent discussions about necessity, feasibility and financing. At the University of Magdeburg, a pilot project started on July 1, 2023, which sets a clear signal with the installation of 10 dispensers for period products. This is an important topic, since at the University of Magdeburg alone, an estimated 42% of all students need menstrual products.

12.07.2023 from 
Campus + City
Trying it out risk-free

The student initiative "FlaR" offers a racing bike rental service that is not only aimed at students. Anyone interested in road cycling can borrow a bike for up to 3 months and then pedal hard. The feedback from the rental service has been consistently positive so far and shows that the demand is there.

22.06.2023 from 
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Physics competition for school children

What happens when a book falls off a table? Why can we ride a bicycle? Why does the earth revolve around the sun? All of this can be explained physically, because the laws of nature accompany us every second of our lives and form the basis for understanding our world. This makes it all the more important to get young people excited about STEM subjects - mathematics, computer science, natural sciences and technology. With this goal in mind, the "Physics Marathon 2023" started for the first time on May 22, 2023.

03.05.2023 from 
Campus + City
With teamwork to the final leg

To get an athletic balance to their daily study routine, students can attend countless sports courses at the University of Magdeburg - including a road cycling course. The course has also given rise to a student initiative called FlaR Cycling Club, which pedals together not only in Germany. Members of the initiative spent 7 days preparing for the upcoming cycling season at the FlaR Cycling Camp in Mallorca.

23.03.2023 from 
Campus + City
How the family gets going

How great would it be if young and old could do sports together? This is precisely the approach taken by the "Family in Motion" sports program offered by the University of Magdeburg Sports Center. Several times a week, families meet with trainers from the sports center to engage in physical activity, primarily in the fresh air. The exercise concept is based on the sport of calisthenics, which has enjoyed increasing popularity for several years.

06.03.2023 from 
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From triathlon to seminar

Swimming 800 meters, cycling 20 kilometers and running 5 kilometers - Kathrin Rehfeld took on this challenge last year at the university triathlon. For the sports scientist, participation was exciting in two ways: overcoming her own limits while collecting data for her research and teaching. She told us how she fared during training and the final competition.

25.01.2023 from 
Campus + City
Knowledge against climate change

Because of the Alexander von Humboldt Fellowship, Dr. Richard Sufo from Cameroon can conduct research at the University of Magdeburg for two years at the Chair of Political Science with a focus on sustainable development. With his work he wants to encourage science, politics and society to use all available knowledge to stop climate change. Lisa Baaske spoke with him about his research, his goals and what the fellowship means to him.

23.01.2023 from 
Campus + City
From Magdeburg to Barcelona

At the University of Magdeburg, studying is not the only option; you can also learn a variety of professions. Not for long now, the photography apprenticeship has been one of them. Hannah Theile is the first "foto trainee", as she is affectionately called by her team, i.e. the first apprentice in the field of photography at the university. She plans to complete her photography apprenticeship this summer. During her training, she had the opportunity to complete an internship in Barcelona. For this she is now receiving the Europe Passport.

09.01.2023 from 
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Nothing works without an elevator

Matthias Scheer works on the second floor of Building 10 in the IT department for the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. As far as that goes, it's nothing out of the ordinary. However, if the elevator breaks down, he goes home again - because he is dependent on a wheelchair and therefore also on the elevator to get to the office. He tells us how he copes with a normal working day.

04.01.2023 from 
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What is diversity?

The answer to this question is just that: diverse! It depends on the context in which the word is considered. It depends on what focus is to be placed on its meaning. At universities, diversity means that a variety of university members interact with each other, exchange ideas, influence each other, but also their environment, and learn and develop from and with each other. We asked around campus: What does diversity mean to you? The answers were varied and open up completely different perspectives on diversity.

03.01.2023 from 
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Learning together

Since the ratification of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, the topic of inclusion has gained momentum. In cooperation with the Pfeiffer Foundations in Magdeburg, the inclusive continuing education program, “Workshop Uni” was launched in the summer semester. This is aimed at adults working in sheltered workshops and teaching staff. Moreover, as part of the project, students help develop new inclusive adult and continuing education formats and materials.

21.12.2022 from 
Campus + City
It’s all in the mix!

To find solutions for the complex problems of our times, increasingly often there needs to be cooperation between different disciplines. There are many examples of such collaborations at the University of Magdeburg. Research Training Group 2408 in the Faculty of Medicine is one of them. The scientists explain what working in an international and interdisciplinary team is like, what they are working on together and what the challenges are that they currently face.

06.12.2022 from 
Campus + City
A time full of firsts

When Yash Ankurbhai Shah arrived in Magdeburg from India in 2018 to study for a Master’s degree at the university, he probably did not imagine that he would end up being solely responsible for running the RIA Buddy Program. His many years of voluntary work and outstanding academic achievements have not gone unnoticed. This year, the student was honored by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).

05.12.2022 from 
Campus + City
Making Buckau more liveable and loveable

In 2019 around 40 per cent of Germans over 14 years of age took part in voluntary work in society. From assistance for refugees, care of senior citizens, animal protection and youth work through to the voluntary fire brigade, their activities were many and varied. One of these people is Ulrike Schmidt, who works in the student secretariat in the International Students’ Office at the University of Magdeburg. During her free time she volunteers in the Magdeburg district of Buckau.

28.11.2022 from 
Campus + City
Mediator(s) between cultures and nationalities

One could hardly wish for a better student to embody the motto, ‘Rethinking the world together’ than Akram Elborashi. As an Egyptian medical student with, at times, a record FOUR jobs at the university, he shows how one person can have a positive influence on life for foreign students all over Magdeburg. This is because alongside his medical studies, he is also committed to helping international students and communities in the city.

16.11.2022 from 
Campus + City
Am I too uptight?!

Even as children, we learn that we either go to the women's or men's restroom. But what happens when people don't feel they belong to their birth sex? When there is no either or for them, but an in-between? Gender-neutral restrooms are supposed to spare them this either-or question. But what about the people who can fit into the binary system and feel uncomfortable sharing a restroom with the opposite sex? Are they simply too uptight?

27.10.2022 from 
Campus + City
Respect turns groups into a community

The University of Magdeburg has committed to putting equal opportunity training, studying and working conditions into practice. But how do we go about dealing with the differences between people and opinions, points of view and perspectives in everyday university life? Where are our opportunities, how do we recognize barriers, when do we find joint solutions? Katharina Vorwerk interviewed the Vice-President for Research, Technology and Equal Opportunities, Professor Borna Relja, about these issues.

20.10.2022 from 
Campus + City
Matter of Taste

No matter what you're craving, you're guaranteed to find the right meal here on campus! Whether vegan, vegetarian or with meat, especially healthy or rich soul food, sweet or savory dishes, internationally inspired or local classics - the offers leave nothing to be desired and are just as diverse as we are. So that you don't lose track of the many offers, we have put together a small food guide for your next lunch break.

03.05.2021 from 
Campus + City
Dream job despite the language barrier

The right answers to the most pressing questions: The student Anirban Saha from Kolkata in India is studying for a master's degree in Data and Knowledge Engineering at the University of Magdeburg and gives tips on job hunting for internationals in his podcast "Anirban Saha's Podcasts". In addition to the range of courses on offer, a decisive argument for prospective international students is whether there is a sufficient supply of part-time jobs in the new home of choice, says the master's student.